Visit Mera Natural Hair & Body Beauty Salon & Spa in Lincoln Park for Cosmetic Acupuncture, Organic Facials Lifts, Hair Care, & holistic wellness care.

Meet the Mera Sisters, Meredith & Sara Jackson

Sisters and co-founders, Meredith and Sara Jackson, envisioned a place where people could experience natural wellness and non-toxic beauty care with uncompromised dedication to complete holistic well-being. Meredith, a licensed cosmetologist, and Sara, a licensed acupuncturist, created Mera just for that reason. Nestled in the Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park, Mera exudes a natural elegance that radiates beauty from the inside out. It is a place where health, beauty, and wellness are embraced from a sustainable and organic perspective so the body can begin returning to a state of complete balance.

As leaders in providing pure and safe products and services, Meredith and Sara have spent years in education and research to bring you an unparalleled experience driven by the desire to educate and change the way you view your total wellness. Because your body heals from the inside out, the health of your body can be seen from every aspect of your outer appearance, from your hair to your skin and nails. Using natural therapeutics to balance your body from within and applying only the highest quality professional products to your hair and skin will leave you feeling and looking fabulous inside and out.

From relaxing and nurturing health care services to pampering organic salon and spa services, Mera is the place to awaken your mind and body. Meredith and Sara are excited to share their education and natural concepts with you and help your journey to wellness and beauty, begin from within.