Choose from our line of organic facials, peptide peels, cosmetic acupuncture, facial lifts & full body treatments to prevent aging naturally.

Mera Organic Signature Facial  (60 minutes) $115

Invigorate cellular rejuvenation with the purest organic ingredients combined with medical-grade effectiveness. Massage and deep exfoliation stimulates circulation, detoxifies the skin, and leaves your face glowing.

Customized Skin Care (60 minutes) $95

This treatment is a completely customized topical skin care treatment that is designed for your complete skin health. Ideal for those needing preventive or corrective skin care therapy, such as anti-aging or acne/rosacea prone skin.

Mera Mini Facial (30 minutes) $65

Mera Organic Signature Facial or Customized Skin Care treatment performed in half the time. It is perfect over a lunch break or for the busy person on-the-go.

Ultimate Ultrasound Facial  (60 minutes) $115

Ultimate skin treatment that combines a customized facial with the added benefit of ultrasound therapy. One of 5 enhancers – hyaluronic acid, kojic acid, vitamin c, antioxidant, or retinol – will be infused into the skin using high frequency sound waves to promote healthy, radiant, and firmer skin.

Peptide Peel  (50 minutes) $115

Organic Passion Fruit / Peptide Peel that lifts the skin to a rejuvenated glow. Organic ingredients, such as Passion Fruit, Pumpkin, Papaya, and Japanese Green Tea will exfoliate and re-freshen your skin to a new level of radiance.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (75 minutes) $125

Specific acupuncture points are chosen to rejuvenate, tone, and brighten skin.  Facial massage, exfoliation, and organic creams and serums are incorporated to enhance this time-tested technique.

Microcurrent Facial Lift (60 minutes) $125

A natural and effective alternative to cosmetic injections involving an advanced microcurrent system that stimulates collagen and elastin, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens sagging skin. Considered non-surgical facelift when performed over a series of  treatments.

East Meets West Face & Body Treatment (60 minutes) $125

The complete package treatment combines the best techniques of the East and West using advanced microcurrent stimulation and a traditional acupuncture system to rejuvenate from both the inside out and head to toe.

Holistic Skin & Wellness Care (75 minutes) $135

Addressing your total skin health from the inside out and outside in, this treatment incorporates balancing the body from within through acupuncture and herbal care coupled with a personalized skin care treatment for outer beauty pampering. After all, beautiful skin begins from within.

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