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November 21, 2011 – Rebekka

“I Highly Recommend This Place”

The salon itself is a very modern, eco-friendly, and cozy space. I loved that they give you delicious organic teas while you wait…yum. The whole concept of this place is that they use only organic, eco-friendly products which all smell AMAZING! Way better than all the harsh chemicals that they use at other salons.

The two sisters that run this place are so awesome and friendly. You can tell that they actually really care about the whole natural/organic concept..its not just a gimicky thing. Also, my haircut was fantastic, just what I wanted! My hair feels so soft and shiny.

I highly recommend this place! I’ll be back ­čÖé

Nov 03, 2011 by Krista

“Incredible Facials”

Omg! I tried Mera salon with a Living Social/Groupon offer. I went in for an Acupuncture Facial. All I can say is Wow! The first visit and was already sold. Sarah (one of the sisters) is very knowledgable and so as can be. For those of you who are curious about this type of facial. Please please please you must try it at least once. Afterwards I received two compliments one from my 10 year old telling me I looked rested. The other from my 77 year neighbor who asked me what have I done differently was it my teeth, my eyes. He said that my faced looked different! (blushing)! Very very impressed with the service and the acupuncture facial as well. Going back to buy a package!

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Oct 05, 2011 by Lisa

“The Sisters Did a Great Job!”

I got my hair cut at MERA a few weeks before my wedding. I didn’t need anything special, but I needed a good cut, face flattering, and layers. The sisters did a great job– the layers grew out beautifully and the cut held great. Plus, they are very reasonable. I usually bargain hunt for a hair cut and this is a place I feel comfortable with at their normal prices.

They even took the time to explain what a “precision” cut was and were very kind and chatty.

They are worth checking out!

Sep 23, 2011 by Neha

“Enjoy Your New You”

I have tried time and time again to find hair stylists in the city who can cut my hair right- and after 5 long years surviving countless bad cuts and shameful photos- I’ve found my favorite salon! Sara and Meredith are so sweet. They are two sisters who make you feel like you’re walking right into their home – being welcomed with herbal teas and wine as if you were an out of town, longtime friend.

They are very skilled in their arts for their younger age (Sara does Acupuncture and Meredith does the styling). If you have any questions about the products they’re using, they are incredibly knowledgable about the line.

If you are in need of a little pampering-this is the place to go. Enjoy your new you! ­čÖé

Aug 25, 2011 by Roxy

“Exactly What I Wanted”

I’ve been looking for a solid salon to go to and I think I’ve found it. I’ve only had one haircut, and gone back for a bang trim. I will def upgrade to 5 stars is they continue their amazing service and haircuts.

I’ve been to many salons in Chicago in the 3 years I’ve lived here, and this is the first time someone got it right. I LOVED my haircut, it was exactly what I wanted.

Both sisters are super nice and friendly. It’s a small shop and a sweet, pleasant environment. I love that they have organic tea and in the evening some nice wines (I guess another sister is a wine vendor).

Aug 10, 2011 by Maren

“It’s Worth the Wait”

Owners and sisters, Meredith and Sara have created a wonderful space in their Lincoln Park salon and spa! Their charming and warm personalities compliment their natural/organic approach to beauty and wellness. They have abundant knowledge about how to treat the mind and body without harsh chemicals and products used by many salons. I had a hair cut and deep conditioning treatment and found it be just the relaxing experience I look for when going to a salon. They seem to stay busy, so be prepared to wait a week or so for an appointment. However, it’s worth the wait!

Jul 18, 2011 by Sally

“Sisters Meredith and Sara are┬ásincere in their mission to offer affordable, natural (as in chemical-free & organic) beauty products & services”

My husband and I visited MERA salon (he: for a haircut and me: for a full hair color), a couple of weeks ago, just days before leaving for our first ever kid-free (in 10 years) vacation, and we couldn’t have had or asked for a better send off than the services provided by Meredith and Sara.

Sisters Meredith and Sara are sincere in their mission to offer affordable, natural (as in chemical-free & organic) beauty products & services, and both were genuinely sweet and fun, very accommodating, and professional (always a welcome from anyone who chooses to work with the public right?)

MERA’s intimate, quiet space was not only free of the usual chemical smell, but was truly conducive to a peaceful salon/spa experience.

Meredith updated my husband’s buzz cut hairstyle, and I cannot stop staring at his sideburns haha. Thank You, Meredith! And I loved the way my own hair looked, felt and smelled days after our first visit. Still do. I did buy their Simply Organic Shampoo and nail polish remover. Both were very affordable and safe and are proving to be of exceptional quality.

My husband and I plan to return to MERA, and hope Meredith and Sara will be around for a very long time. Their vision & mission are long overdue in Chicago.